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Charles Vyron Northup Born on the 16th of November 1940 of Vyron and Helen (Knox) Northup . Chuck Northup left high school without graduating and spent the next forty years trying to prove to the world that someone didn't need a high school education to survive. His Father was his role model, although he disagreed with Vyron many times, he was always ready to return home and try to help Dad make the farm go. He has tried harder than anyone to work with the old man, but it has always ended in failure, largely due to the independence we are all accustomed to. In the meantime, Chuck has worked at many different things. He started out with the carnival in around 1960 and went into construction shortly after. It was in 1962 that Davey Claypool and him went to Seattle and went to picking strawberries. He lived there until 1981, mostly in construction, at times doing very well. He returned in 1981 to Minnesota after Hillis' Homes went under. He has since went back and forth between trying to work with Dad and a little construction on the side. He has been married to Eydith Rae (Rawlins) Schmidt/Northup since 05-09-1968. Eydie had Tony Nicolas from her Schmidt marriage, whom Chuck later adopted and they have since had Franklin Leslie in 1968 and Sheila Rae in 1970. Tony has two daughters, Chelsea and Baylee, and Frank has one, Megan Michelle. Tony lives in the old house in Lynnwood, Washington and Frank lives in the area, sometimes with Tony. Sheila moved to Indiana with her husband, Gary Immig and they have three children. Chuck Northup's page is under construction. Check back soon.

Charles and Edith Northup Family

Children of Charles and Edith Northup

Tony Nicolas Northup Born 08-16-1965 M. ??
Franklin Leslie Northup B. 09/05/1968 M. Kristy May 18,2002
Sheila Rae (Northup) Immig Born; 09/11/1970 M. Gary Immig

Pictures of Chuck and Edie Northup Family

Frank with Francis' daughter Meaghan
Chuck's Family Photo Site